Hybrid electronic + orchestra might come across as being a little cliche these days, but being one of my two signature styles, I've created my own distinctive sound for the genre.

I feature the electronic elements as its own instrument, and not so much as a pad, or a pulsating arpeggio bed.

In so doing, I basically write the rest of the score around the electronic element(s), keeping it front and center throughout.

One of my favorite standout pieces has to be 'The Death of Wally'.

Western - my other favorite style of music to write - conveys such an earthly, gritty texture and quality, and makes me feel I'm on the road or getting stuff done.

Once again the guitar is usually a feature element of the piece. I love using it both as a lead instrument and as an effect.

The Bleeding Fingers contest yielded a superb piece - 'Cowboys and Angels' - for my portfolio, and you can listen to it here.

Another distinctive track is the theme from 'Deadmen the Series', which I am very proud of.



A special playlist. Containing some very unique pieces I wrote in different genres, these are pieces of music written for music's sake and not to picture.

I wrote the 'Cello and Guitar Duet' for my favorite cellist, Linor Katz, who I got to know during my time in Boston.

She is a phenomenal musician and friend and this piece was written for two 'unlikely' instruments: Cello and Acoustic Guitar.

She did a beautiful job. To me it was a successful endeavor as the blending of the two unconventional textures yielded a very unique sound.



Falling Water (2016) - Additional Music, Music Prog.

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot(2016) - Additional Music, Music Prog.

Highston (2015) - Music Prog.

Love the Coopers (2015) - Additional Music, Music Prog.

Paddington (2015) - Additional Music, Music Prog.

Focus (2015) - Music Prog.

King of The Nerds Seasons 2 and 3 (2014-2015)

Wake Up Call Season 1 (2015)

The Cobbler (2014)

ACOD (2013)

Dexter (2012-2013)

Steel Magnolias (2012)

Star Tours Tokyo (2012)

Ruby Sparks (2012)

Underworld: Evolution (2012)


Nick Urata/DeVotchKa

Beep Studios

Mosaic: A community of faith

Generosity.org (Formerly Gen Water)

Brian Wertheim: Photographer, Musician

Linor Katz: Cellist, Shuffle Concert

Momentum RLP: my first home

Berklee College of Music: my alma mater


Steinberg Cubase

Universal Audio Apollo, UAD2 PCI-e Quad

Dangerous Music

Valhalla DSP: makers of my favorite Reverb

PRS Custom 24 + Eventide H9



A young and rising musician based in Los Angeles, Jon Ong is a multi-faceted Film Composer, Arranger and Session Guitarist, who combines cutting edge technology with his unique guitar sensibilities and sequencing chops.

Born and raised in Singapore, he was educated at Berklee College of Music and graduated at the top of his class, winning awards for his Film compositions and performing face-melting guitar solos at his school's graduation concert to a packed Agganis Arena (and to his proud family).

While working under the guidance of senior composers in Hollywood, he has accumulated credits on films such as Paddington (2015), Focus (2015) and Ruby Sparks (2012). He has also assisted on musical arrangements for Andrea Bocelli, Rod Stewart, Barbra Streisand and many more.

As a Film Composer, Ong has worked on many short films and features using his various musical gifts; some of his latest projects include scoring McDonald's USA Hamburglar Ad Campaign (2015), a Nickleodeon USA web series pilot and the Alaskan Feature Film Moose, created by Darin and Chad Carpenter of Tundra Comics fame.

In addition to that, Ong is an experienced performer and sight-reader on the Guitar (Electric and Acoustic), having performed with numerous artists such as JoJo, Anthony Evans Jr., Guy Sebastian, Michael McDonald, Terri Lyne Carrington, Jorge Drexler amongst many others.

When not busy working on his latest film score, he can usually be found cycling up some of LA's great mountain roads, caring for his ever-growing succulent collection, or spending time with his loved ones and friends.

Follow his latest adventures on Instagram or drop him a line using the links above.

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